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Codes of practice
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The Primary Industries Report Series (previously developed by the Standing Committee on Agriculture, Animal Health Committee now known as the Primary Industries Standing Committee) provides benchmarking standards on a number of subjects. CSIRO Publishing contains a full list of titles.

Those published as technical reports include:
  • No. 5 Deer Production in Australia
  • No. 11 Goats for Meat and Fibre Production in Australia
  • No. 25 Feeding Standards for Australian Livestock: Poultry
  • No. 26 Feeding Standards for Australian Livestock: Pigs
  • No. 27 Feeding Standards for Australian Livestock: Ruminants.
Those published as Australian model codes of practice for the welfare of animals include:
  • No. 29 The Sheep*
  • No. 30 The Farming of Deer*
  • No. 31 Animals at Saleyards*
  • No. 32 The Goat*
  • No. 33 Intensive Husbandry of Rabbits
  • No. 34 Feral Livestock Animals
  • No. 37 Guidelines for the Control of Exotic Vertebrate Animals
  • No. 39 Cattle*
  • No. 40 Domestic Poultry.*
Other model codes that have been endorsed include:
  • The Pig
  • Livestock and Poultry at Slaughtering Establishments
  • Road Transport of Livestock
  • Rail Transport of Livestock
  • Air Transport of Livestock
  • Sea Transport of Livestock
  • Destruction or Capture, Handling and Marketing of Feral Livestock Animals
  • Captive-Bred Emus
  • Farmed Buffalo. *
In NSW, Codes marked * are adopted by reference into the General Regulation under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (NSW). It is not an offence if animals are not kept precisely as specified in the Codes but referencing them makes them admissible in proceedings for a related offence in the Act or Regulations. Even if a code is not referenced into the Regulation, it is still regarded as the minimum standard by which livestock should be kept.

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