Supporting students during hot weather

During hot weather there are a variety of measures that can be used to support students and staff.

The range of flexible approaches to normal school practices that can assist in hot weather includes:

  • Rotating class use of air-conditioned facilities where available.
  • Varying normal teaching programs through the use of shady and cool outdoor facilities.
  • Encouraging students to drink water and allowing drink bottles in the classroom.
  • Altering timetables or programs to avoid physical activity or the use of equipment that may generate heat.
  • Postponing sporting or physical education activities that might stress students or expose them unnecessarily to the sun.
  • Using fans or other devices in an appropriate way to remain cool.
  • Enforcing school policy for playground or other outdoor activities, e.g., "No hat, play in the shade".

Encouraging students to drink water

Parents can help by:

  • Sending their children to school with a water bottle (it can be a good idea to freeze the water overnight so it's nice and cold the next day),
  • Packing a hat in your child's school bag, and
  • Applying sunscreen before they head off to school.