Travel to and from School

Your school can provide you with information about transport routes, travel passes and subsidies, or other travel arrangements to and from school.

Transport assistance

The School Student Transport Scheme, managed by Transport for NSW, provides subsidised travel on rail, bus, ferry and long distance coach services for eligible students to travel to and from school. Travel passes will be issued to students who met the Scheme's requirements for distance and other eligibility criteria.

Students need to keep their travel pass in a safe place as they'll need it for the full school year. The pass must be displayed when boarding trains, buses and ferries or relevant fares will be charged.

The Private Vehicle Conveyance Scheme managed by Transport for NSW, is available to eligible families in areas where there is no public transport available for students to travel to and from school. A subsidy may be paid to parents towards the costs of driving their children to school or to a transport pick-up point.

Students with disability may be eligible for assistance under the Department of Education and Communities' Assisted School Travel Program.

School: coming and going

Students arriving at school should go straight into the school grounds. In the afternoons students should walk directly to the appropriate bus/train stop and board in a way that's respectful of other passengers.


Children need to learn about safe travel to and from school whether travelling by foot, bicycle, bus, train or ferry. It is useful to familiarise younger students with travelling on buses/trains before they start first term.


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