Students from countries around the world enrol in New South Wales (NSW) government schools every year. Our schools are recognised for their excellent quality education programs, and they offer a secure pathway to a career or to further study including Australian and overseas universities.

You can choose from a wide range of schools in Sydney or in regional NSW towns that offer a fantastic location to study. Whether it's a city location or rural town, the NSW government school you choose will provide:

  • An excellent, world-class standard of education from the largest education provider in Australia - the NSW Department of Education and Training - established for over 150 years
  • The opportunity to study alongside Australian students in a friendly, safe, multicultural environment
  • A wide range of subjects, sporting and creative arts programs, leadership programs, and programs for gifted and talented students
  • Specialist science, design, languages, sport, visual and performing arts facilities
  • Access to internet, email services, and use of multimedia and integrated e-learning strategies in the classroom
  • Professional, university-trained teachers
  • An environment that encourages students to express themselves, develop independent learning skills and to interact in the classroom and in the community
  • Intensive English Language support for students of non-English speaking background

A range of educational programs is available to students from other nationalities, including:

  • Enrolment in primary or high school
  • Short-term study abroad programs
  • Group study tours

More Information

For more information, including details of how to apply, visit our international students website