Secondary Schools - Creative and Performing Arts

Our Creative and Performing Arts High Schools provide opportunities for students to pursue excellence within the Creative and Performing Arts while studying the core curriculum prescribed by the Board of Studies.

These schools offer a specialised environment. They have performance and creative spaces, lighting and sound systems, dance studios and specialist teachers.

Subjects Offered

Creative and Performing Arts High Schools offer artistic education programs to prepare students for exciting careers in the arts and associated industries.

In addition to the core subjects prescribed by the Board of Studies, students can specialise in subjects such as dance, drama, music and visual arts.


Enrolment will depend on the student meeting special criteria. This will usually include an audition. The high school's principal will identify the criteria to you. You can also discuss these requirements and the suitability of a Creative and Performing Arts High School for your child, with your primary school principal.

For further details about the school and its courses of study contact the principal of the school.