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School contact details can be found under the School Locator

Non-Government Preschools
Child and Family Information Referral Service on (02) 8594 4244 or
1800 803 820 (outside Sydney)


Government Preschools

The NSW Department of Education and Communities operates 100 preschools across the state. These preschools are an integral part of the schools to which they are attached and provide educational programs for children for one year prior to enrolment in Kindergarten.


Twenty four Department preschools are in communities with high Aboriginal populations. Children in geographically isolated areas may be eligible for a preschool program through the Dubbo School of Distance Education.

Children with disabilities attend the Department's preschools. Programs for children with disabilities are also available in 50 early intervention support classes. Decisions about the most appropriate placement for children with disabilities and other additional support needs are made in consultation with parents/carers, the principal, and the relevant early intervention support or preschool teacher. Regional support personnel are also available to assist parents/carers with decision making.

Most other preschools in NSW are managed by community organisations, local councils or private operators. These preschools and other children's services are licensed by the Department of Community Services.  For information on these preschools and other early childhood services please contact the Child and Family Information Referral Service in Sydney on (02) 8594 4244 or 1800 803 820 if calling from out of Sydney.


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