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Primary schools with opportunity classes

Opportunity classes cater for highly achieving Year 5 and 6 academically gifted students who may otherwise be without classmates at their own academic and social level. These classes help gifted and talented students to learn by grouping them with other gifted and talented students, teaching them in specialised ways and providing educational materials at the appropriate level.

There are 75 primary schools with opportunity classes across NSW.

Gifted and talented students who would benefit most from enrolment in opportunity classes are those who have superior to very superior academic ability which is matched by exceptionally high classroom performance.

Students who are placed attend the opportunity class full-time in Years 5 and 6 at the primary school with an opportunity class. It is a two-year placement program. In the majority of cases, students who accept a place in the opportunity class will leave their current school to attend the school with an opportunity class. There is no provision to apply for Year 6 placement.

Application is usually made when the student is in Year 4. The application process becomes available at the end of April each year.

See the map of schools with opportunity classes

Types of classes

Depending on school structure, opportunity class students may be accommodated in one of the following ways:

  • a Year 5 opportunity class
  • a Year 6 opportunity class
  • a Year 5/6 composite opportunity class
  • a composite class consisting of opportunity class and non-opportunity class students.

Opportunity class placement

Offers for opportunity class placement will be made on the basis of the opportunity class placement test, school assessment and other evidence of academic merit.


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