Secondary Schools - Sports High Schools

Sports high schools are for local students and those who aspire to be elite athletes.

The schools offer the usual range of subjects that meet the needs and interests of individual students in line with Board of Studies requirements for the HSC.  In addition all students benefit from access to state-of-the-art onsite sports facilities and programs and from mixing in a culture where students aspire to achieve their personal best.

There are seven comprehensive sports high schools across Sydney and in the outer metropolitan areas of Wollongong and Newcastle. They are open to all students in the local catchment area and through acceptance into the Talented Sports Program.  Take a look at your local sports high school website to find out more about curriculum activities and to get a feel for the school.

How to enrol

  • Local students should talk to their primary school coordinator about completing an expression of interest to apply for enrolment.
  • Enrolment under the Talented Sport Program depends on a student meeting special criteria. Talk to your high school principal to register for an application package. You will need to provide details of the student's sporting achievements.

Opportunities for talented athletes

  • Sports high schools enable and encourage students to achieve personal excellence across a range of areas - academic, citizenship, and the arts, while pursuing their sporting dreams and goals.
  • Students are offered flexible timetabling while having access to elite level coaches, strength and conditioning programs and a unique range of on-site sports facilities and support services such as physiotherapists and sports psychologists.
  • Sports high schools collaborate closely with state and national sporting bodies to provide aspiring athletes with the skills and maturity to take their place in elite sporting squads.
  • Talented athlete programs are offered across 25 sports: AFL, athletics, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cricket, cycling, dance, football, girls' development, golf, gymnastics, hockey, lawn bowls, netball, Oztag, rugby league, rugby union, softball, swimming, surfing, tennis, touch football, volleyball and water polo.


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