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K—6 Outcomes

English 4.4.2 Students understand language forms and language conventions when reading texts

English 4.4.13 Students learn about the metalanguage of subject English to describe, discuss and differentiate texts and their language forms and features.

Item & Stimulus

Writing task criterion 4


Language Convention
Year 9 Q: 46

Item Descriptor

Identifies that a passage is written in the third person

Statement of
Learning for English

Students have the opportunity to draw on their knowledge of texts and language to clarify meaning.

Skill Focus:
Using and identifying third person
in texts


Analysing and manipulating texts. Changing the voice used in a text.

Students need to:

  • identify the words that give the person the text is written in
  • change the pronouns to change the way the text is written.

Activities to support the strategy


Exploring metalanguage (QTF)

The teacher explains that in the Year 9 Language Conventions 2008 paper, the text on Jacques Cousteau was written in the third person.

The text is read to the students. As the text is read, the students underline the words that place the passage in third person. The text is then jointly deconstructed by repeating the activity using the text on an OHT.


After the text has been read, the students share the words they found that placed the text in third person.

The students compare their results with the deconstructions completed as a class.

Students list and categorise the words that place the text in third person (nouns and pronouns).

The person or voice is set by the pronouns used and is part of linking pronoun references within and between sentences and paragraphs.


Copies of the matrix are provided to students. Using the matrix on an OHT, students discuss how a text could be changed from first, second and third person.

The students refer back to the joint deconstruction (analysis) of the passage written in third person.

Students reconstruct the passage in second and first person as shown below.

Discuss the difference when this text is written in second person.


Discuss the difference when this text is written in first person.



Exploring deep understanding (QTF)

Students change a passage from a text being studied in class which is written in first person by writing it in third person.