Selective High Schools Years 8 to 12 Placement


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Please contact schools directly for enquiries about Years 8 to 12 applications.


Selective High Schools Years 8-12 Placement

Application for entry to selective high schools in Years 8-12 in 2017 closed on 22 July 2016.

The application information and the Years 8 to 12 application form for entry in 2018 will be available in late June 2017.

Visit the links on the right for general information about Years 8 to 12 placement.

About selective high schools

Selective high schools cater for highly achieving, academically gifted and talented students who may otherwise be isolated from a suitable academic peer group. These schools can provide intellectual stimulation by grouping academically gifted and talented students together, concentrating school resources and using specialised teaching methods.

Agricultural high schools are selective high schools which emphasise the study of agriculture, with the boarder sections giving some priority to isolated students.

Partially selective high schools have community-based classes as well as selective classes for English, science and Mathematics.

The virtual secondary school, Aurora College, connects students in rural and remote high schools for English, mathematics and science classes. 

Placement in Years 8 to 12

Vacancies may occur in Years 8 to 12 in selective high schools.

Entry to selective high schools in Years 8 to 12 does not depend on a centralised program as entry to Year 7 does. A common application form and application information booklet applies to all schools and is available on this website in late June each year. A separate application form must be submitted to each selective high school you choose, up to a maximum of three schools.

The individual selective high schools set their own assessments and manage their own placement and reserve lists.

Key dates

27 June 2016

Application documents are available on this website and from some selective high schools if parents do not have internet access.

Check the school websites or contact the school for specific application and assessment requirements.

22 July 2016

Closing date for completed application forms to be submitted to the chosen selective schools.

A separate form must be submitted to each school you are applying for.


Selection committees meet and consider applications.


Outcome advice is sent to applicants.

Applying for a Year 8 to 12 place

  • The number of vacancies varies from academic Year to Year and from school to school.
  • Contact the specific selective high school to determine the academic Years in which places may be offered. 
  • Before submitting each application (up to a maximum of 3) you must go to the school's website or contact the school to find out the assessment requirements and enrolment procedures for each selective high school for which you wish to apply.

Making an application

Enquiries about courses and programs offered by specific selective high schools as well as enquiries about selection criteria such as testing should be addressed to the schools concerned.


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