SMART Data Package

The School Measurement, Assessment and Reporting Toolkit (SMART) system is a powerful diagnostic tool that provides feedback on the NAPLAN and ESSA results to NSW schools and their communities. The web-based SMART system is available to schools as a centralised system and is accessed through the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) portal.

NAPLAN 2014 Results

The 2014 NAPLAN results are now available in SMART for schools to analyse. Updates to the NAPLAN package in SMART for 2014 have been made based on the new model of support for government schools and feedback from evaluative consultation with stakeholders.

Access to SMART

Principals and their delegated officers are responsible for providing and maintaining access to SMART for the staff at their school.

Principals are reminded to maintain their staff list for approved access to SMART data through AMU to ensure only current teaching staff have access the school's data.

All principals are reminded to update their staff details to ensure that current teaching staff have access the school's data.

Non-government principals are reminded that when provisioning new staff or extending expiry dates of existing staff, the date should be set between 12-24 months.

  • If after logging in, your SMART application does not load, you will need to enable your Compatibility View Settings via the Tools menu for SMART to load.

Contact Us

Schools can access NAPLAN results through the DEC portal link to SMART in  'My Applications'. If portal access is not available to Principals or for any other SMART enquiries please contact:

SMART Support

Ph: 9244 5864 or Ph: 9244 5998 or email:

For further support please contact the High Performance, Learning and Accountability Directorate by email: