Information for parents on the Annual School Report (ASR) and frequently asked questions is available to assist in understanding the process of capturing and reporting school data. 

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  • What is the Annual School Report?

    The Annual School Report is a record of the school's self-evaluation process. It is conducted annually and is part of the ongoing cycle of school planning and evaluation.

    The Annual School Report provides information to the school community on the performance of the school in national and state testing programs. It also provides information about the context in which that information should be considered.

    Approximately 2250 schools and education centres produce an Annual School Report according to specifications established by the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC), Educational Measurement and School Accountability Directorate.

  • What is the purpose of Annual School Reports?

    The Annual School Report is an important component of a school's accountability requirements to its parents and community, to the NSW Department of Education and Communities (DEC) and to the Commonwealth Government's Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

  • What are the mandatory reporting requirements for Annual School Reports?

    The mandatory elements on which schools are required to report broadly cover the following:

    • staff and student background information
    • student performance
    • school self-evaluation
    • targets for improvement.

  • Who is responsible for the development of Annual School Reports?

    The Annual School Report is prepared by the school self-evaluation committee. The committee is made up of community and parent representatives, teachers and executive staff members under the leadership of the Principal.

  • Are all schools required to produce an Annual School Report?

    Yes. All NSW government schools have been required to produce an Annual School Report since 1997.

  • What information can I expect to read in an Annual School Report?

    The Annual School Report includes information about:

    • summary staff and student information
    • student performance outcomes in national and state-wide tests, in both the primary and secondary sectors
    • student achievement in the arts and sport
    • information relating to significant programs and initiatives offered by the schools
    • school self-evaluation of performance and progress on targets; and
    • targets for improvement for the coming year.

  • Are the reporting requirements for small schools the same as for large schools?

    For small schools or small student groups, the reporting of information must be consistent with privacy and personal information policies. Summary statistics or graphical representation of student performance must not be used for groups of less than 10 students in a course or subject. Where there are fewer than 10 students, schools will report information with descriptive text only and give due consideration to ensuring the privacy of all students.

  • What are the optional reporting requirements?

    Schools are given the option to include information relating to the recognition of outstanding student achievement in the arts, sport, citizenship and any other area relevant to their school.

    Summary information relating to other school programs offered may also be included such as student welfare, Information and Communication Technology, environmental education and programs for students with additional needs.

  • When will the Annual School Report be available for my child’s school?

    Schools generally produce their Annual School Reports during terms 1 and 2 of the following year. It is a requirement that Annual School Reports are available to parents by the 30th June each year.

  • How can I obtain a copy of the Annual School Report for my child’s school?

    The main method for distribution of the Annual School Report is by publication through the Internet. However schools are required to ensure that the information in the ASR is available to parents who cannot access the Internet. Please contact either your child's school or the Learning, High Performance and Accountability Directorate on 9244 5823 for further information on how to obtain a copy.

  • Telephone Interpreter Service

    If you need an interpreter to assist you to contact your child's school or the Educational Measurement and School Accountability Directorate, please call the Telephone Interpreter Service on 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language. The interpreter will call the school or the Directorate and will stay on the line to assist you with your conversation. You will not be charged for this service.