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Directors, Public Schools will be able to assist schools with any enquiries relating to the content of the Annual School Report.


Annual School Reports

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The Annual School Report (ASR) cycle maintains the increased autonomy and greater flexibility for schools in the preparation of their reports that was established in previous years.

Principals and school self-evaluation committees have the opportunity to develop more localised presentations of the ASR within the guidelines of the statewide framework.

Schools have the option to:

  1. adopt the departmental template
  2. modify the template
  3. develop their own format.

Irrespective of which formatting option a school selects, the mandatory reporting elements must be addressed.

The primary method for distribution of ASRs to parents is through publication on the internet. Schools will lodge their ASR on the school website or another secure location that will be notified to parents.

Schools are advised that the ASR template and support materials can be accessed through the intranet.


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