The Computer Skills Assessment is now available as an on-demand, in-school, self-reporting test.

What is assessed?

The CSA test provides teachers with an opportunity to assess students' knowledge, skills and understanding in:

  • using computer-based technologies to locate, access, evaluate, manipulate, create, store and retrieve information
  • communicating with others using computer-based technologies
  • discriminating in the choice and use of computer-based technologies for a given purpose.

The various syllabuses include an expectation that students will use computers in an integrated way to support their learning. A list of computer skills identified within the various K-6 syllabuses is downloadable from this page.
Government schools have access to the CSALAN, which is a simulation software product that assesses a wide variety of computer skills. The CSALAN auto-scores and auto-reports to provide teachers with valuable information about student computer skills. This assessment can be conducted whenever the teacher deems appropriate.

More information regarding the CSALAN is available for government teachers on the DET Intranet. A DET password is required to access the DET Intranet