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  • How to apply

    Application for Year 5 placement in an opportunity class in 2017 opens on Tuesday 26 April 2016 and closes Friday 13 May 2016. Late applications will not be accepted.

    Intention to apply

    Parents of students who attend government primary schools may be asked to complete an Intention to apply form provided by the school which informs the principal of an applicant s intention to apply online. This is not an application form.


    Completing an online application

    Read the application information very carefully at the following link: Application information 

    To apply online, go to the following link: Online application

    You will register to receive a password and then log in to complete the application and submit it. Once you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive an email with a copy of your application containing your child s student number. You must quote this number whenever you make enquiries about your application.

    Submitting the online application

    The Unit will inform the government primary school principal of all applications from his/her school submitted online.

    Parents of students attending non-government primary schools apply online and will be asked to print a copy of their completed application and hand it to the principal for processing.


    Processing the online application

    Government primary school principals will process all applications online.

    Principals process applications by providing school assessment scores in English and mathematics, based on the student's performance in Year 4 up to Friday 3 June 2016 and, if relevant, Year 3.  Principals may comment on issues considered relevant to the application.

    Parents of students who attend non-government primary schools are required to print the principal's page along with the PDF copy of all the information they submitted. The principal's page must be completed by the principal and should be forwarded to the Unit by Friday 3 June 2016.



    Applying without internet access

    • If you have no internet access at home you will need to go to a public library where internet access is free
    • set up a web-based email to use for the application, such as Yahoo, Hotmail or similar
    • use that email account to register at
    • wait a few minutes to receive an email with a password and a link
    • copy and paste the password to log in to the application website
    • complete the application and, in the Contact information section, click on  Mail only for communication
    • submit the application
    • check your new email account for the confirmation email
    • print the file showing all your application details.

    The Unit will then send all further communication to your postal address. If you have a disability that prevents you from using a computer, contact the Unit for assistance.

  • Communication

    The Unit corresponds with the parents or carers listed on the application. If you wish to let other people discuss your child's application with the Unit, you can list them as another concerned adult or as a special contact.  

    A parent not listed in the Contact Details of the application (usually a parent not living with the child), who wishes to receive correspondence related to the application, must send a request in writing to the Unit. In this instance, only system generated correspondence can be sent.

    If you want someone to make decisions on your behalf while you are away or uncontactable, you must email the Unit giving their details and authorising them to act on your behalf.

    The Unit will provide information about an application to any parent or interested person who is legally entitled to it, regardless of requests for confidentiality. The Unit will not correspond with students or speak to them on the telephone.

    Email and post

    The Unit will be sending correspondence by email wherever possible. Please do not provide a student's email address.

    If you have an email address you must contact the Unit if you change your email address. This is particularly important where parents have provided a work email address and change their place of employment. It is the parents' responsibility to monitor the receipt of emails at critical times, such as the fortnight prior to the test and when outcome advice is due.

  • Points to consider

    Court orders

    If there are any family law, apprehended violence orders or other relevant court orders in relation to such matters as the education of the student, the parental responsibility for the student, the student's main residence, restricting access to the student's record or restricting the provision of information about the student, please complete the relevant section in Court Orders on the application and attach a complete copy of the orders.

    The Unit cannot be held responsibile for providing access to student records where parents do not submit a copy of the Court Orders at the time of application or as soon as they become available.

    Travelling times

    The selection committee does not consider distances, travelling times and transport arrangements from the student's home to the school with an opportunity class. Before listing any school, you should consider available transport, the time your child will take to reach the school and the social implications for your child.

    Check the location of primary schools with opportunity classess on the map on this website.

    Order of choice

    All applicants seeking placement in opportunity classes in 2017 can choose to be considered for placement in up to two schools.

    Ensure that you consider carefully the two schools and the order in which you put them before completing the application.

    If your child qualifies for both schools, you will be offered your first choice of school only. If you are offered your second choice, you may also be placed on a reserve list for your first choice.

    The entry score required for each school varies from year to year depending upon the demand for the school and the scores achieved by those students who have listed the school as a choice.

    For example:

    a) If your child qualified for both Neutral Bay PS and Artarmon PS, you would receive an offer only for Neutral Bay PS, the higher choice for which the student qualified.

    b) If your child qualified for Artarmon PS only, you would be offered a place at that school regardless of whether you placed that school first or second on your list.

    Enrolment policy

    The NSW Department of Education has a responsibility to assess and manage any risk of harm to its staff or students. This includes assessing and managing risks posed to students or staff at a school by any student. Where relevant, such situations will be dealt with in accordance with the NSW Department of Education enrolment policies and procedures.

    Information for parents regarding enrolment is available at: