Please inform the Unit by mail or email if there is a change in details such as your child's name, postal address, email address or school. You should also inform the Unit by mail or email if you want to withdraw your application.

Note: Changes in details must be submitted in writing and will not be accepted over the telephone.

Privacy statement 
The NSW Department of Education of 35 Bridge St Sydney NSW is subject to the Education Act 1990, NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1988 and Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002.
The information contained on the application is required to assess and process the student's application for enrolment in an opportunity class. In addition the Department will collect and obtain other personal information (including future information) to assist in assessing and processing the application, including but not limited to results and information about the student's performance in the 'Opportunity Class Placement Test'.
This information will be stored in a secure database for at least 3 years. You may contact the Unit to access or correct information held if necessary. This information, or part thereof, may be used and disclosed by the NSW Department of Education for the following purposes:
• Assessing and processing the application for enrolment in an opportunity class, determining placement and review of such placement;
• Communication to Departmental staff, including NSW government school principals, volunteers and persons who may be involved in any way in the placement process. Non-government schools may also receive reports;
• General student administration, including notifying the student's current school, and other concerned government primary schools for which the applicant has sought entry, of the outcome of the application as well as notifying any other person authorised by the parent;
• For any other matters relating to the education and welfare of the student, for the purposes of data collection and for any other purpose required by law.