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  • Outcome Advice

    You will be notified in mid-October 2016 whether your child:

    1. is being offered a place and/or
    2. has been placed on a reserve list and/or
    3. has been unsuccessful for one or both choices.

    If your child qualifies for both schools, you will be offered your first choice school only. If you are offered your second choice school, you may also be placed on a reserve list for your first choice school.

    Where the student is unsuccessful for all choices the letter will summarise the outcome without listing the schools.

    Note that while offers can be accepted, enrolments will not be finalised until after the official 'Application to Enrol' form has been processed and the 'Authority to Attend' advice has been presented to the school.

    In some cases students might not be sent an outcome letter at the same time as the rest of the candidates. These students' applications could be placed on 'hold' while the selection committee carries out further enquiries.

  • Response to Offers

    If you receive an offer you must fill out the response form and return it by the date shown on the response form (generally 10 to 14 days after the date of the offer). Some late offers may be made by telephone towards the end of the placement process and these generally require responses within 24 hours. It may be assumed that the offer has been declined if you do not respond by the due date.

    Acknowledgement of Response
    Whether you accept or decline an offer, you will be sent advice confirmation. You should contact the Unit if you do not receive your confirmation letter within 21 days.

    If you accept an offer and later change your mind, you should let the Unit know immediately so that the next eligible applicant can be offered the place.

  • Authority to Attend

    If you accept an offer of opportunity class placement, you will also be sent an Authority to Attend by the last week in January 2017. The student must present this advice to the school on the first day of Term 1, 2017.

    To finalise enrolment at an opportunity class you must have:

    1. received authorisation from the High Performing Students Unit;
    2. satisfied all NSW Department of Education enrolment requirements.

    All successful applicants will be required to show original documentation such as birth certificates and relevant visas as proof of residency status before enrolment can be finalised by the school.

  • Withdrawal of offers

    Offers will be withdrawn if it is found that students do not satisfy all the requirements such as residency status, or if students do not enrol at the school at the beginning of the school year without providing a satisfactory explanation.

    Offers or enrolments will be terminated if placement is made on the basis of false or misleading information.

    Any deferment must be negotiated before enrolment with the principal of the school with opportunity classes (or the Unit if it is in the school holidays) before enrolling your child. You cannot defer enrolment beyond 27 February 2017.

    Offers will lapse if the Unit, after three attempts, either in writing or by phone, is unable to contact the applicant to make the offer or determine the response.

  • Holiday arrangements

    If you will be away on holidays when offers are being made you should notify the Unit of a contact email address or telephone number and the length of time you will be away, or have your mail redirected to you. If you will be on holidays in late December 2016 or January 2017 when phone offers are made you should provide the Unit with your holiday contact number or advise the Unit in writing that you accept in advance should an offer be made while you are away.

    In some circumstances the Unit may contact the special contact person listed on the application. If your child is on a reserve list you may accept in advance any offer that may be made while you are on holidays.

  • Reports for Schools

    The Unit will send reports to government primary schools listing the outcome for each of their candidates. Non-government school principals may be provided with reports on request for all students whose applications provide school assessment scores.

  • Assessment Scores and other results

    Most candidates will be advised in their placement outcome information, of the score out of 300 they achieved in the opportunity class selection process, provided that they sat the Opportunity Class Placement Test and/or had moderated school assessment scores.

    To receive further details of your child's score in the opportunity class placement process, after you have received your outcome advice, please complete an online Request for scores. This online form will be available at the same time outcome advice is despatched to parents.

    Further information on the processing of scores is available from the  Opportunity class placement profile score web page.