These past papers have been published to assist students to familiarise themselves with the format of the test and to provide material which will enable them to develop more effective test technique. Some features of good test technique include the ability to manage the allocated test time evenly and the understanding that it is better to guess an answer than leave it blank.  

The reading questions have not been included for copyright reasons. The reading questions and answers will be made available where and when copyright issues regarding the stimulus material used in the reading questions are able to be resolved.

In the actual Opportunity Class Placement Test there are 20 questions in reading, 20 in mathematics and, until 2005, 20 in general ability. From 2006 there are 30 general ability questions.

Note: The Past papers (2001 to 2003) and Sample test paper refer to the use of a pencil to indicate answers on the answer sheet. From 2013 a black pen has been used indicate answers. The Answer sheet provides instructions on how students are to show their answers using a black pen.

The Opportunity Class Placement Test measures ability and is set to discriminate at a very high level. Students who are accustomed to answering most questions in tests correctly should not be discouraged if they get a number of questions wrong. It is very rare for even the highest scoring candidates to score full marks on all components of the Opportunity Class Placement Test.

Opportunity class entry does not depend entirely on a student's performance in the Opportunity Class Placement Test as school assessment scores in English and mathematics are provided by the primary schools.

2016 Answer sheet

Students are encouraged to view the 2016 Answer sheet so that they are familiar with the way they are required to show their answers in the test. The answer sheet is specific to each year's test.  Each question has four possible answers, A, B, C and D. Once the student has decided on the correct answer, the student is required to show the answer by colouring the 'bubble'.

It is important to note that selection committees and appeals panels will not accept students' performance in past papers as evidence of academic merit for the purposes of entry into an opportunity class in any future year.

The tests below for 2001, 2002 and 2003 include only the questions and answers for the mathematics and general ability components of the tests.

A sample test paper is also provided which includes questions used in previous tests including English, mathematics and general ability. 

2001 Test

2002 Test

2003 Test

Sample Test Paper

2016 Answer Sheet