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Enquiries can also be directed to the principal of the public school that your child is currently attending.

Enquiries about courses and programs offered by specific opportunity classes should be addressed to the schools concerned.


Opportunity Class Placement

Opportunity classes

There are 76 primary schools with opportunity classes across NSW.

Successful students attend the opportunity class full-time for the duration of Years 5 and 6 at the primary school with an opportunity class. It is a two-year placement program. In the majority of cases students who accept a place in an opportunity class will leave their current school to attend the school with an opportunity class.  Parents normally apply when the students are in Year 4. There is no provision to apply for Year 6 placement.

Year 5 entry to an opportunity class in 2017

Online applications for opportunity class placement in Year 5 in 2017 opened on Tuesday 26 April 2016 and closed on Friday 13 May 2016. Late applications are not accepted.

Test authority letter

Applicants will receive a Test authority letter that tells them where to take their child to sit the test by 13 July 2016. Applicants will receive this information by both mail and email (if an email address has been provided).

Students must bring their Test authority letter or email to the test centre to be allowed to sit the test.

Applicants will also receive a Test information bulletin which explains the test and lists what students should bring. The bulletin explains how to show the answers to the questions in the test.

Plan your journey to the test centre.

A list of all test centres is shown at the following link: List of test centres

A map showing all test centre locations can be found at the following link: Map of test centres

Key dates for entry to an opportunity class in 2017

The key dates for application for Year 5 entry to an opportunity class in 2017 are as follows:



Application website opens and application information documents available in schools

 26 April 2016

Application website closes (No late applications)

 13 May 2016

Principals complete processing of applications

 3 June 2016

Test authority letter sent by mail and email to parents

 13 July 2016

Opportunity Class Placement Test

 27 July 2016

Placement outcome information sent to parents

Mid-October 2016

Introduction to the opportunity class placement process

See below for Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese language versions of this guide.

There have been a number of changes to the opportunity class placement process since the parent information presentations were created. Go to the following link to see these changes: Updated information

Selective high schools and opportunity classes: An Aboriginal perspective

The DVD at the following link was developed with the support and participation of the Twugia project team from South Western Sydney Region. This DVD was designed to promote the benefits of Aboriginal students attending selective high schools and opportunity classes.

Opportunity class placement

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Translations: Introduction to the opportunity class placement process
 Introduction to the opportunity class placement process

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