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Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3
An Internet civics project looking at celebrations and commemorations around the world.

Celebrations and Commemorations

Stage 2
There are many things which make us who we are, these include our family, our friends, and our country. Each country in the world has different things that are important to its people. This Internet unit of work is about looking at your country and its events, languages, symbols, shared customs and traditions.

Who are we?

Stage 3  
The aim of this unit is to improve students learning in civics and citizenship through a focus on international citizenship. The units are: defining citizenship; global citizenship; global linkages; variations in life opportunities; achieving global citizenship. This unit of work is based on the New South Wales Board of Studies Geography Stages 4-5 syllabus topic, Global Citizens.

Global Citizens

Stage 3
CommonLink gives students the chance to develop skills through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as they: find out about topical global issues within the Commonwealth and the world as a global community; listen to others and respect different opinions; share and explain their opinions through discussion and debate; reflect on the process of taking part; write for a purpose. CommonLink follows the thinks, acts, reflects model.


One Environment is designed for school students aged 9-14. Its aims for students are to: learn about the environment in the framework of civics and citizenship; learn to use technology in the classroom; develop Internet literacy.

One Environment