Technical Drawing

Technical Drawing is one course of study within the area of Industrial Arts education. Industrial Arts education aims to develop the individual through the provision of experiences directly related to society. It promotes an understanding of various aspects of industry, technology and the broader environment, while developing in students specific manipulative and cognitive skills.

Technical Drawing seeks to encourage a sense of purpose, enjoyment and personal satisfaction and aims to provide information and experiences which develop in students the ability to:

  • recognise the contribution of technical drawing to society and the industrial arts processes
  • relate technological developments to changing practices in the drawing industry
  • recognise the role of drawing in industry, and perceive the significance of drawingrelated occupations
  • use drawing skills and knowledge in industrial, social and leisure applications
  • evaluate performance against established criteria
  • select, and use proficiently, drafting instruments, equipment and materials
  • communicate information graphically, orally and in written form to both technical and non-technical audiences
  • express ideas or concepts graphically
  • use rendering techniques to enhance the representation of objects and environments
  • apply appropriate conventions and standards in producing and interpreting drawings
  • adopt a planned and ordered approach to drawing
  • use sketches to assist in problem solving and in the visualisation of spatial relationships
  • interpret graphical information
  • evaluate the design of objects, visual messages and environments
  • use drawing in the process of design
  • interrelate Technical Drawing with other aspects of the curriculum
  • work cooperatively with others.

Syllabus Resources

A syllabus is a document that gives teachers an outline of what students are to be taught in a specific learning area.

The syllabus and other supporting material for Technical Drawing 7-10 is available from the Board of Studies.