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ESL Steps K-6 Curriculum Framework

The ESL Steps: ESL Curriculum Framework K-6 is an ESL Scales referenced planning and programming aid for teachers of K-6 ESL students. The Stage based teaching guides provide a framework for ESL teaching with links to the English K-6 syllabus.

ESL Steps
Intensive English Programs (IEP) Curriculum Framework

Intensive English programs in IECs and the IEHS are based on the Intensive English Programs (IEP) Curriculum Framework. This framework addresses both ESL and Key learning Area requirements of the NSW school curriculum.

ntensive English Programs (IEP) Curriculum Framework

These teaching units are designed to support the teaching of ESL students in English 7-10 and are linked to syllabus outcomes and the ESL Scales.

Stage 6 English (ESL) teaching units

The Stage 6 English (ESL) course is open to ESL students who have been studying in English as the language of instruction for five years or less at the beginning of the Preliminary Course. A range of teaching units have been developed and sent to schools to support the implementation of the course in both the Preliminary and HSC years.

Stage 6 English (ESL) teaching units
Looking at HOW meaning is created in texts: Stage 6 English

This teaching and learning resource provides information and ideas for teaching ESL learners in the Stage 6 English Language Study Within an Area of Study.

Looking at HOW meaning is created in texts

The Bilingual Dictionary for ESL Beginners has been developed for use by students in the early stages of learning English as a second language and is available in 21 languages. The list of words contained in the dictionary includes the most common words that students use in everyday communication and in the classroom.

Bilingual Dictionary for ESL Beginners
Thematic Picture Dictionary Kit for ESL Beginners

The Thematic Picture Dictionary for ESL Beginners is a resource for students in primary schools, high schools and Intensive English settings who are in the early stages of learning English as a second language. The companion Workbook incorporates a range of teaching and learning activities which relate to the themes and illustrations in the Dictionary.

Thematic Picture Dictionary

A selection of six interactive readers for ESL learners is available on the DET Intranet. The stories are interactive and feature Teacher's Notes, quizzes and listening and pronunciation activities.

ESL Readers
Teacher's P.E.T.

The Teacher's P.E.T. CD-ROM is a cross-platform, interactive computer program designed for beginning ESL learners in schools. The program may also be used to assist students who require additional support in their English language learning.

Teacher's P.E.T.

Out and About is an interactive bilingual literacy resource for students beginning to learn English as a second language.

Out and About provides students with contextual English language experiences through three interactive scenarios based on excursions to the Sydney city centre, Manly Beach and a classroom based music lesson. First language support is provided in Arabic, Dari and Dinka.

The resource is designed to assist students to develop oracy, aural and literacy skills and is suitable for students from Stage 3 to Stage 5, particularly those with limited literacy skills in their first language.

Out and About