The NSW Department of Education and Communities is committed to equity of outcomes for students in NSW. A range of programs are available for students and schools to provide access and improve learning outcomes, particularly in rural areas.

The Rural and Distance Education Team supports access and equity for:

  • students who are geographically isolated or who are isolated from schooling because of their circumstances
  • schools that seek access to curriculum because they are geographically isolated or because of their circumstances

Current programs that support students and schools in these circumstances are:

  • Distance Education
  • Access Program
  • Rural Allowances and Scholarships.

All Rural and Distance Education programs are informed and guided by a focus on supporting students, schools to develop strategies to enhance:

  • Curriculum- to provide isolated students with access to a wider range of teachers, curriculum materials, learning experiences and sources of knowledge
  • Peer Interaction- to provide more direct and timely opportunities to engage with peers in collaborative learning.
  • Connectedness - to enhance a sense of belonging through interactive access to information sources, educational and community services and individual connections.