The NSW Secondary Schools Living Away from Home Allowance (LAFHA) provides assistance to eligible families who must board their children away from home to access secondary education. Essential conditions are:

  • The student's home must be in NSW
  • The student must be living away from home to attend an appropriate secondary school in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, or the ACT
  • The student must be following a normal secondary course of study.

The basic criteria relate to income and distance.  There is also provision for other circumstances such as a medical condition to be considered where relevant.

The LAFHA application pack includes a

  • Detailed explanations of the eligibility criteria.
  • Notes on how to establish your eligibility.

Application closing dates

To be eligible for the full year payment, applications must be received before 30 June of each year. Applications received between 1 July and  30 September, if successful, will only be paid for a half year. Applications received after September 30 cannot be approved for that year.

  • Please check the closing date for the current year in the application pack before completing.
  • If your application is outside this year's closing date, please email requesting to be notified when next year's application pack becomes available.