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Illawarra and South East Region
5 Rowland Avenue
West Wollongong NSW 2500
Phone: 4222 2929


Graeham Kennedy, Regional Director

The Illawarra and South East Region incorporates 233 schools in the following geographic areas of NSW - Illawarra, Queanbeyan, Monaro, South Coast and Southern Highlands.

Our mission in the Illawarra and South East Region is to enhance the education and skills base of our community through excellence in education and training outcomes for all students.

Graeham Kennedy, Regional Director, Illawarra and South East Region

In order to achieve this, the Illawarra and South East Region will focus on the following priorities:

  • Implement quality teaching strategies to ensure a continuity of learning that is relevant, interesting, challenging and caters for diversity
  • Build ownership of and responsibility for high expectations of performance and engagement for all students
  • Build a culture of continuous school improvement and quality customer service
  • Improve the learning outcomes for Aboriginal students
  • Build leadership capacity at all levels
  • Promote public education and the work of school communities


These priorities will be delivered through a regional structure based on Support and Accountability and includes the Regional portfolio areas of:

  • Aboriginal Education
  • Equity Programs
  • Planning, Leadership and School Development
  • Professional Learning and Practice
  • Regional Initiatives, Communication, Promotion and Interagency
  • Student Services


The Region’s schools are formed into eight communities of schools. These, along with their School Education Directors are:

Batemans Bay

David Ashford

Ph: 4475 3300


Ann Henniker

Ph: 4251 9900


Paul Greer

Ph: 6200 5000

Sapphire Coast/Monaro

Bob Aston

Ph: 4475 3300


Phillip Hirst

Ph: 4251 9900


David Phipps

Ph: 4251 9900


Graham Kahabka

Ph: 4224 9200

Wollongong North

Chris Carroll

Ph: 4224 9200