90 Lawrence Hargrave Drive, Austinmer NSW 2515   More schools in postcode 2515
Phone   4267 1311
Fax       4267 1018

Every child attending any New South Wales Public School is a very fortunate child indeed. Those attending Austinmer Public School ..... even more so! I am very proud to be a part of a wonderful educational team that serves the Austinmer community and happily welcome you and your family to join us. During your time with us you will find that the staff at Austinmer Public School are some of the best educational practitioners within the New South Wales Department of Education and Training, which caters for around 247,000 students throughout the state. Here we believe that all the students who attend Austinmer Public School have a right to enjoy their learning and their time at our school. With that as a basis, we have established an ethic that puts every individual student at the forefront of our work in the school. We value Truth, Effort and Friendship and with our SERFer Crab we also value Safety, Effort, Respect and Friendship. At Austinmer Public School our teachers genuinely care for their students and provide teaching skills second to none. This combined with the dedicated professionalism of all our staff means that we have created a very powerful learning environment. We are also fortunate to be working with parents committed to providing support for the school and encouragement for their children. We also have the energy of our P & C Association, along with students who demonstrate a love of learning and pride in their achievements. Welcome to Austinmer Public School. Paul Petersen - Principal (2006 - )

School Email austinmer-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au  
School Website www.austinmer-p.schools.nsw.edu.au  
Type of School Primary Schools  
Enrolments 346  
Region Illawarra and South East  

Students with disability and additional learning and support needs

The New South Wales Department of Education and Communities support students with disability and additional learning and support needs in public schools in a range of ways. This may include specialist support classes for students in regular and special schools; the Integration, Funding Support program which provides targeted funding for eligible students; and learning and support resourcing. Every regular public school in NSW receives a specialist teacher allocation and flexible funding based on the size of the school and the learning needs of their students.

You can discuss your child's learning needs and planning for their personalised learning and support with the principal of your child's school. For more information about the full range of support services in NSW public schools go to Disability, Learning & Support.

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