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Wiley Park Girls' High School is a multicultural secondary school committed to providing quality teaching and learning in a caring, supportive and co-operative environment.The highly professional, skilled and caring staff at Wiley Park Girls High School provides quality education which develops individual talents in a richly diverse community. Diversity strengthens learning.We offer the best education you can expect in: Quality teaching and learning; Diversity, care and respect; Learning for life; Modern facilities and Community partnerships.Wiley Park Girls High school has a proud history of supporting a diverse student population and caters for the needs of all students including Aboriginal students, GATS and students from a language background other than English. The school serves a low socio-economic community and as such receives support from Priority Schools Programs including the Priority Action School program and the Low SES School Communities National Partnership. This additional support enables innovative programs to be created and implemented to further improve the learning outcomes of our students. We also are in partnership with Canterbury Leagues Club to provide scholarships for incoming Year 7 students. Our major focus over the next three years will be literacy, numeracy and ICT. We will be transforming teaching practice through innovative curriculum development and training and development of teachers in the delivery of reading and comprehension strategies. This focus will transform teaching practice across all key learning areas. The school offers programs to maximise the participation of parents in school life, keeping open the lines of communication with parents and our broader community. These programs include parent workshops, collaboration in curriculum design, strategies to support learning in the home and celebrating student achievement.

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Type of School Secondary Schools  
Enrolments 589  
Region South Western Sydney  

Support classes offered by this school

  • Students with Moderate Intellectual Disability
  • Students with a Range of Disabilities with Similar Support Needs
  • Students with Mild Intellectual Disability

Students with disability and additional learning and support needs

The New South Wales Department of Education and Communities support students with disability and additional learning and support needs in public schools in a range of ways. This may include specialist support classes for students in regular and special schools; the Integration, Funding Support program which provides targeted funding for eligible students; and learning and support resourcing. Every regular public school in NSW receives a specialist teacher allocation and flexible funding based on the size of the school and the learning needs of their students.

You can discuss your child's learning needs and planning for their personalised learning and support with the principal of your child's school. For more information about the full range of support services in NSW public schools go to Disability, Learning & Support.

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