Pacific Hwy, Crows Nest NSW 2065   More schools in postcode 2065
Phone   9922 6666
Fax       9957 5098

North Sydney Girls High School is an academically selective secondary school for girls. Because of the nature of the school, students have the opportunity to interact and learn with others like themselves in a stimulating environment focused on their needs. While academic excellence is highly valued, the school is committed to encouraging its students to participate in a broad range of learning activities, including cultural, physical and social. By facilitating a balance of learning experiences, the school seeks to continue its tradition of assisting its gifted young women to achieve their full potential and to prepare them to take leading roles as active members of society. The school climate is very much one of participation and mutual support. Parents and students, together with a dedicated staff, are active partners in celebrating one another's achievements and evaluating progress with openness and honesty. Above all, this school has a collaborative ethos in which students offer each other friendship and acceptance while developing confidence and self esteem.

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Type of School Secondary Schools  
Enrolments 921  
Region Northern Sydney  

Students with disability and additional learning and support needs

The New South Wales Department of Education and Communities support students with disability and additional learning and support needs in public schools in a range of ways. This may include specialist support classes for students in regular and special schools; the Integration, Funding Support program which provides targeted funding for eligible students; and learning and support resourcing. Every regular public school in NSW receives a specialist teacher allocation and flexible funding based on the size of the school and the learning needs of their students.

You can discuss your child's learning needs and planning for their personalised learning and support with the principal of your child's school. For more information about the full range of support services in NSW public schools go to Disability, Learning & Support.

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