The statewide average of class sizes from Kindergarten to Year 2 in government schools was reduced over the period 2004-2007 through the implementation of the Class Size Reduction Program.

Class sizes for Kindergarten to Year 2 in public schools under this program were: 

  • 20 for Kindergarten students
  • 22 for Year 1 students
  • 24 for Year 2 students.

The Class Size Reduction Program was evaluated by Professor Bob Meyenn (the previous Dean of Education, Charles Sturt University). The evaluation included surveys of parents', teachers' and principals' views of the program. The findings of surveys conducted in 2004 and 2005 were released in May and December 2005.  The final report from Professor Meyenn was made available in 2010 and showed that in the judgement of parents, principals and teachers, the impact of the Class Size Reduction program was positive.