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Training to support students with type 1 diabetes occurs in the following ways:

  1. School staff who volunteer and who have specific responsibility to support blood glucose testing and/or the administration of insulin and insulin pump management should be appropriately trained in these procedures.

Train enough staff to allow for eventualities such as staff taking leave and staff turnover and consider the type of activities the student will be involved in, particularly overnight excursions.

  1. It is important that any staff in supervisory roles of a student with type 1 diabetes have an awareness of the health condition and about special considerations in the school setting, can recognise the signs of a hypoglyceamia, and know how to respond in an emergency. 

Arrangements for training are made at the local level using local service providers. A diabetes educator from the child's treating hospital or Australian Diabetes Council can provide advice on how to access training locally. Advice in relation to determining a suitable provider of training can also be sought from the prescribing doctor and the parent. There should be a register at the school identifying trained staff.

The Australian Diabetes Council webcast provides information about managing type 1 diabetes at school and can assist to raise school staff awareness of diabetes. The presentation explains diabetes, hypoglycaemia and its treatment, the administration of insulin and special considerations for the student with type 1 diabetes.

Acknowledgement: These materials have been put together with assistance from Australian Diabetes Council.


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