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Your school principal. Click here for school contact details or phone (02) 9561 8000. Queries about individual students should be directed, in the first instance, to the student’s school

For further advice and questions please contact your local educational services team by phoning 131 536

General enquiries about student health contact Student Engagement and Interagency Partnerships by phoning (02) 9244 5321.



Epilepsy is a disruption in brain function that results in recurrent seizures or fits.

Most children and young people with epilepsy are of normal ability and intelligence and will be able to take part in the full range of school activities.

Planning for a student with epilepsy will include developing and implementing an individual health care plan. Information from the student's doctor will inform the planning process and the health care plan.

The individual health care plan will detail the procedures to be followed if a seizure does occur. The Paediatric Epilepsy Network website includes epilepsy management documents. The First Aid Seizure Management Plan and First Aid Seizure Poster can be used by schools to assist them to respond to a seizure. A Seizure Management Plan should be completed by the student's doctor.

If prescribed medication is taken regularly, in most cases there will be no seizures at all, or very few. However all staff should be able to recognise seizures and know what to do if one occurs in the playground or classroom.

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