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For further advice and questions please contact your local educational services team by phoning 131 536.

For general enquiries about school canteens contact Student Engagement and Interagency Partnerships by phoning (02) 9244 5130.


Fresh Ideas for Healthy School Canteen – recipe file and DVD

This package is a companion resource to the Canteen Menu Planning Guide and Fresh Tastes Tool Kit. This folder contains a starter kit of recipes and ideas. It has been designed to give canteen staff and committees a central place to keep healthy recipes, promotional and marketing ideas, food safety and hygiene material and other food related hints and tips collected overtime.



The 'Come into my canteen' DVD is a 20 minute documentary style DVD which sits in the back of the Fresh Ideas folder. On the DVD, canteen managers share their experiences of moving to a healthy canteen as they take the viewer on tour of their canteen and its daily operations. There are plenty of practical tips and ideas shared along the way. Volunteers, committee members, principals, students and teachers also add their perspective and talk about the role they have played in helping to make the canteen both healthy and viable.

Dr Rosemary Stanton Image taken from 'Come into my Canteen' DVD


Welcome to the Fresh Ideas folder.The  folder can be downloaded in the following sections.  Alternatively, additional copies can be purchased from the Healthy Kids Association.


A good breakfast gives children a great start to the day by providing the nutrients they need to concentrate and learn well at school.

Snacks, drinks and ices

Children and adolescents need filling snacks to top up their energy and nutrient needs between meals.

Snacks, drinks and ices

Attention to packaging and positioning is crucial to successful sales of sandwiches, rolls, wraps and salads.

Sandwiches, wraps, rolls and salads

Hot food choices are popular in cooler weather for both snacks and meals. They need to be filling and nutritious.

Hot Food Choices
Promotional hints and tips

There are many different ways to promote new foods, the canteen menu and the canteen itself.

Promotional hints and tips

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