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Student Leadership and Student Representative Councils (SRCs)

Public schools conduct a range of leadership programs. Learning to be a leader through student leadership programs is one way to participate however, there are many ways for students to get involved and be part of the student voice.

Get Connected-Take Action

Get Connected-Take Action! (broadband mov 7.52MB) or (dial up mov 1.52MB)
The media resource, Get Connected-Take Action! encourages students in public schools to raise school spirit and get involved in school life. It features vox pops of student leaders and footage of successful student-led activities.

Get Connected-Take Action

Effective student leadership practices provide opportunities for students to:

  • feel in control of their learning. This means significant input to rules and procedures, establishing learning goals and tasks, deciding how to work.
  • feel competent. This means investigating and responding to issues of survival and quality of life, solving real problems, creating real products.
  • feel connected with others. This means cooperative and collaborative learning, peer support, community linkages, mutual respect.