Student leadership: a review of effective practice (PDF 874kB)

Provides an overview of student leadership in educational settings in Australian and international contexts.  Enablers and barriers to the implementation of effective practices of student leadership are also outlined.


Student Leadership in Schools.(PDF 112kB)

This flyer includes practical suggestions about how student leadership can be supported in the classroom, the school and in the community.

Charter for SRCs

Charter for Student Representative Councils

Summarises the key principles for effective practice in student leadership.

The Charter for SRCs is supported with reflection questions to assist schools to evaluate current practice and a list of good ideas to improve practice.

Creating Connections, Student to Students Creating Connections, Student to Students

Wellbeing and resilience resource for student leaders. This resource is filled with activities to build school spirit, improve student connections and increase participation levels.

It is designed for use by student leaders with other students.

Staff and students in NSW public schools can download the resource from the Department's intranet site.

Connect Connect

Connect is a bi-monthly journal supporting student participation. Published since 1979, it documents examples of active student participation in primary and secondary schools, reviews and develops resources, and provides information about relevant events.The magazine is now available for free download through the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER).

Connect Student Councils and Beyond

Student Councils and Beyond is a Connect publication to support the effective and relevant participation of students in education decision making including input into curriculum and school governance. The 108-page book brings together important articles about Student Councils ... and beyond ... that have appeared in issues of Connect between 1990 and 2005. It includes case studies, stories, strategies, ideas and worksheets.

Get Connnected-Take Action!

Get Connnected-Take Action!

This media presentation encourages students in public schools to raise school spirit and get involved in school life. It features vox pops of student leaders and footage of successful student-led activities.

Download the movie for broadband (7.52MB) or dial up (1.52MB).

Just Like Us

Just Like Us (PDF 1MB)

Encourages Student Representative Councils to develop projects in schools that allow students who have a disability to participate more in school life.

This resource is filled with real life stories, useful tips and student activities to build positive connections.

SRC: A practical guide for student leaders and teachers

SRC: A practical guide for student leaders and teachers (PDF 2.39MB) 

'Hands on' resource which covers all the operational basics of SRCs. It includes sample agendas, useful proformas and evaluation activities.

Student Leadership Framework for Primary Schools

Student Leadership Framework for Primary Schools

Provides great student leadership ideas for primary schools. 

The resource provides useful strategies for effective student leadership, links to learning outcomes and examples of effective practice.


Bullying No Way

Assists student leaders and teachers to increase students' knowledge and understanding of bullying.

Activities in the resource are designed for use either by teachers with student leaders or by student leaders with other students.