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Leadership in the Middle School Program (LIMS)

What is LIMS?

LIMS is a student leadership and participation program for students in years 5 to 8 which:

  • encourages students to assist younger students in transition from primary to secondary school
  • provides opportunities for students to take responsibility for their own skill development and learning
  • creates a sense of belonging and improves student connections.

Leadership in the Middle School Program
What is involved?

Students commit to the program for three terms and fulfil the following minimum components:

  • Simple tasks
    Students perform at least five activities, for example, helping on a gala or sports day.
  • Complex task
    Students organise a major activity, for example, planning and implementing a year assembly.
  • Ongoing skill or task
    Students develop or enhance a personal skill, for example, students develop a sporting skill or a learn to play a musical instrument.
  • Public speaking presentation
    Students prepare and present a three minute talk to their peers.
  • School service or extra curricula activity
    Students complete two hours of service for the school, for example, by helping in the library, voluntary work or involvement in the SRC, choir, band or sport team.


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