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Student Leadership Programs in Secondary Schools

Public secondary schools conduct a range of leadership programs which may also include leadership programs offered to schools by individuals, groups and organisations in the wider community. 

Local service organisations such as Lions Clubs (Leos) and Rotary (Rotaract) and local councils often work in partnership with schools in leadership development programs.

Decisions are made by the Principal in consultation with the school community about a school's involvement in a particular program.

The decision takes into account whether a particular leadership program will complement activities already incorporated into the school's student leadership program.

Student Leadership Programs in Secondary Schools

An SRC is a group of students in a school elected by their fellow students to represent all students in the school and who organise ways for students to participate in school life. SRCs work democratically to represent the student body in school decision-making. Students work together, with help from a staff member, to improve school life and to contribute students' ideas.


Each year, secondary student leaders are invited to visit NSW Parliament House and meet with Members of the Legislative Assembly and Members of the Legislative Council. The visit includes lunch at Parliament House, tour of Government House and hear an address given by the Governor of New South Wales. 


Schools enjoy hearing about the experiences of other schools with different student leadership programs. If you have an experience that you would like to share please tell us about it.


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